What I Like

What I Like
At around sunset, she could hear the tires of his recently purchased Porsche slide across the pavement as he races towards her cabin. Alice is excited for her weekend away. Her weekend away from work at Barker Advertising, her weekend away from her kids and a weekend away from her needy husband Stanley.

“I need this” she thinks to herself.

As he makes his way up the long driveway to the log cabin, she wonders if it’s a good choice, but her concerns are blown away once he opens the door and stands there with daisies in his right hand. He walks towards her, with a Tom Cruise type grin that makes her mouth want to drop open.

She resists and smiles back, and finally calls out his name.

“David, finally.”

David has a wife too, but so it goes.


As they sit nude out on the deck overlooking the rolling Colorado hillside, they sip champagne and make small talk.

“Where’d you tell your husband you were going,” David asks, taking a strawberry to his mouth.

She chuckles. “A diversity training retreat,” she tells him, trying to keep a straight face. “What’d you tell your wife?”

“I told her that I would be entertaining clients all weekend and that it would be best if she not interrupted.”

She looks at him and can immediately tell he doesn’t need her; that she could be any woman other than his wife.

Stanley asks her permission to wear Khakis on casual Fridays; asks if it’s a good idea to wash the car on days he suspects rain.


Neither of them have done anything like this before. Lying to people is part of their job, but they’d never been trained to lie to the people they love.

The first night, they don’t fuck. They lie in bed, his body pressed against hers with a thin white sheet covering their naked bodies. They don’t know standard procedure for such matters.

“I might be in over my head,” David thinks to himself, but pulls her closer, and moves his chin to her shoulder, carefully kissing her bronzed cheek ever so often.

“You’re prettier than she is,” he tells Alice of his wife Ann. He likes how she looks in the like that creeps through the cracks of the bathroom door. Alice’s face is aged thirty years from a stressful job, a strained marriage and children.

He’s like a little boy to her, but she likes it. She likes his inexperience, his carefree demeanor and how he possesses the “fuck you” attitude that only twenty-something men have because they have nothing to lose.

They stay awake in bed for hours, just lying there with their hands on each other. It’s clear the neither of them know what to do. Whats appropriate? What should they expect from each other?

They fall asleep as soon as the night passes into the morning.


He wakes her up to breakfast in bed. Pancakes topped with orange zest and sausage on the side. He watches her eat for a little while then puts jeans on over his black boxer briefs.

Stanley wore boxers.

“Get dressed,” he tells her, throwing on a fitted tee-shirt that seems to be a fashion staple of guys his age.

“Where are we going this early in the morning?” she wonders as she takes one more bite of her sausage. “And what the hell should I wear?”

“Anything you want,” he tells her.

He pulls the car around and with a slight smile he pulls his aviators from their resting spot on his thin nose, and sits them on the top of his head.

“Get in.”

He drives fast and without fear. At first, Alice is scared but she soon begins to trust him. As the needle on the speedometer travels further to the right, he places his hand on her thigh and moves it up.

She giggles, then moans, and then moves his hand to shift gears.

They play this game for a while then they keep driving for hours, only stopping to refuel.

It’s now creeping into the evening.

He takes her to a restaurant he scoped out on his way to the cabin, hoping it will be the right setting to set the mood for the night.

He gets lucky.


“So what are we going to do the rest of the night,” she asks, hoping to hear what she knew would eventually be said.

“Whatever you want to do, we can,” he replies

At this point she is still unclear on what his intentions are. She wants it but does he? She doesn’t want to make it awkward so she lets the conversation linger.

Alice gulps Merlot, and David watches her, noticing how some of her hairs are out of place but nevertheless, she is still gorgeous.

“Bring her more wine please,” he tells their waiter smiling up at him and smiling back at her.

“Trying to get me drunk are you?,” she asks with her words already slurring. Her face looks relaxed and is flushed.

And with a grin, David tells her “Maybe.”

They drive back to the cabin.


Her legs are wrapped around him as they burst through the front door, mouths locked. She takes off her shirt, leaving on her black bra and he strips down to his underwear. She pushes him onto the bed and kisses his neck repeatedly.

He tells her he wants to if she does.

She takes him up on the offer and they fuck all night. They don’t make love; love has nothing to do with it. They stop once they cant hold their bodies up any longer, quivering and falling on top of each other. They lie in bed satisfied.

“She’s never done that to me,” he tells Alice and she feels a sense of accomplishment.

Alice and David go to bed without saying another word to one another.


“I guess I’ll see you at the office on Monday,” David tells her as he loads up the car.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then,” she stares down for a moment then asks, “so is this going to change things with you and your wife?”

“No, why would it? This was a one shot deal,” he tells her and closes the trunk.

He kisses her on the forehead, gets in the car and drives away.

Alice climbs in her SUV and dials Stanley on the phone. “I will be home in a few hours, do you mind making dinner?,” she asks.

“Not at all, what do you want me to make?”

She pauses and says, “whatever you think I’d like,” and heads towards the main road.

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